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Cor Silver Soap 10g
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The best soap you'll ever use is Cor Silver Soap with its patented Nano-Silver delivery technology that attends to all skin types! This amazing face-wash uses the natural antibacterial properties of silver with an exfoliating silica compound that prepares the skin. Trial-size will last up to one month! Light, fruity scent. To use: lather onto damp face and allow to "work" for 1-3 minutes; remove with a cloth or loofah in a circular motion. Includes a 10g cake of soap. Ingredients: Palm Oil, Glycerin, Aloe, Avocado, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, CSC Compound, Pomegranate Extract, Squalene, Patented Nano-Silver with Silica. Imported.

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