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Perennial Party Blue Sequin Dress
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As Seen on Tonya of The Moptop blog and Joselin of Le Pretty Stellar blog!! From winter ball to spring social, the Perennial Party Blue Sequin Dress boasts blooms that stay bright and true! Elegant navy blue netting creates an airy trellis for sequin flower forms in blue, black, silver, and red. Sleeveless bodice opens into a sensual V at back, and blossoms from a fitted waist into a full skirt. Fully lined. Model is wearing a size small. 100% Polyester. Hand Wash Cold. Made with Love in the U.S.A.

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Size Bust Hip Waist Length
Small 30'' 30'' 23'' 31''
Medium 31'' 32'' 24'' 32''
Large 32'' 34'' 25'' 33''