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What Sews Around Embroidered Olive Green Jacket
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Olive Green

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If what goes around comes around then you must be up to some stylish stuff, because here comes the What Sews Around Embroidered Olive Green Jacket! This lovely lightweight woven jacket in a hip shade of olive green will have you absolutely stylin' with a drawstring waist and an asymmetrical front that unzips to reveal pointed lapels. Cream Georgette sleeves are the cherry on top, with Eastern-inspired embroidery in blue, green, pink, and metallic gold. Sleeves are lined. Model is wearing a size small. 100% Rayon. Hand Wash Cold. Imported.

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Size Bust Hip Waist Length
Small 38'' 40'' 36'' 24''
Medium 39'' 41'' 37'' 24.5''
Large 40'' 42'' 38'' 25''